ShiftMaster (DBGM) represents a SheetHandlingStorageSystem particularly designed for fully automatic material supply to sheet processing machines of any type and trademark. At a room height of 3 to 4 m required, it can be configured either as an isolated solution consisting of 1 or 2 exchange towers, or as a sequence of any number of elements disposing of 10 to 15 drawers each. After a corresponding signal from the machine, sheets contained are individually unloaded by means of sheet manipulator (robot) programmed on the basis of an integrated storage management software. The weight of a sheet may amount to up to 750 kg. Each item, supplied on an exchange table to the machine, is then available for the next job. The drawers themselves are charged from the rear side by means of a stacker. In order to establish a continuous supply chain, additional exchange places can be prepared as required, whether above the exchange towers or in a separate multipurpose tower warehouse.  Just like the sheet types contained in the  towers, the content of the additional places can be used for other sectors of the production as well, so the system offers remarkable flexibility for requirements changing from day to day. Identification and separation of double sheets is included as well. The cycle time for access does not exceed one minute. Even in the case of an interruption or a malfunction, manual access to all sheet types is still possible. After cutting, the products by means of catchers or vacuum grippers can be compiled on load carriers held available – also within the exchange towers.


SingleTower or TwinTower

Fully Automatic

Exchange Tower – Sheet Storage

For Temporary Storing of Pallets


Fully automated sheet supply to processing machines in single or twin tower configurations with 15/30 or optionally 20/40 drawers, for loading by stacker from the rear side, access for machine-controlled sheet manipulator (robot) from the front.

10 Years Warranty



Fully automated machine-integrated system for supply of sheets to the machine and removal of finished plates after cutting, for any number of sheet types and connected machines; flexible configuration or extension to    Single-, Twin- or Multi-Tower arrangements for drawers or exchange flats. To be filled from the rear side by front-loaders, side-loaders running on rails, or storage and retrieval units for high-bay warehouses.  Cycle time ≤ 1 min., room height required: 4 m, de-palletizing and loading station, warehouse management, ProfiNet machine-interface, ERP connection, individual layout-options, unrestricted 24-hour operation, for any number of sheet types in direct or temporary access, return of cut plates, sheet part management, highest efficiency available on the market.

10 Years Warranty


Job Commissioning Unit

Unit for Commissioning of Sheets (Slabs)

Model of a Commissioning Unit for Slabs

Filling of drawers with exchange flats and of the top compartments by stacker from the rear side

Alternative  Method for Commissioning:

a) on a plate supplied by the robot / Unloading of the commissioning pallet by stacker

b) in lower drawer level / Unloading of drawer blocks from the rear side by stacker

Top compartments to be used for system or wood pallets (whether complete or partially filled)

10 Years Warranty