Bar Storage – Static and Dynamic Storage in Racks

Reliable, compact, efficient, and clearly arranged: Static and dynamic rack storage for long goods, organized by storemaster®

The importance of efficient use of available storage area in the last years has considerably increased. Dense arrangement of stored objects does not only contribute to economical consumption of space – an efficient storage system is also imperative to speed up the material flow. Optimized handling procedures furthermore can shorten filling and unloading steps in the production sequence. The powerful storemaster® approach for static rack storage of long products takes advantage of infinite storage levels to generate an added up arrangement of filled compartments, for any kind of long and bulky items in different lengths. By a sophisticated combination of structural elements, space can be economized: Accurate insertion of pallet woods into the clearances between crossbeams of the rack reduces the consumption of space in the vertical dimension, thus enabling much lower compartment heights to be achieved, compared to conventional systems. The method of loading without pallets -which is possible as well- may reduce the space consumption further.

A highly efficient, space saving and safe solution: storemaster® configurations for long objects.

Dynamical Bar Storage

TwenTower LG

Drawer Shelf for a Great Variety of Rod and Tube Material Types

Manual drawer rack for bars, containing up to 500 different types of bar stock with a length of up to 6 m. Operation by crane, Single or double side versions are available, with max. 13 drawers. Individual subdivision of compartments by means of plug-in mandrels and trough shaped shelves, useful for provisioning of short and residual lengths, also for manual removal from the front. Drawer load up to 3 t for manual operation, up to 10 when used with electric drive


Electrical drawers

Electrical drives for pulling out of drawers are available for all systems with a drawer load up from 2.5 t.

Insertion resp. extraction of the individual drawer levels is coupled to a control panel featuring a dead man’s button. Control panel and switch cabinet in compact design are integrated in single or double-side standard storage tower, delivered in state ready for use.

For drawer dimensions of up to 6 x 2 m and loads of up to 10 t (standard), pulling-out is carried out in transversal direction, longitudinal action enables dimensions to be enlarged to 16 x 4 m, with loads of up to 20 t.

In a situation of system failure or power outage, manual operation remains still available.

10 Years Warranty

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ArmStrong® swingout

Store for Long Goods Appropriate for Crane Handling

Storage levels for bars swiveling out in a matter of seconds, to be accessed by crane with no effort. No additional control equipment required. Appropriate for any kind of long good, up to 8 levels at 2.5 m swiveling out height, with compartments to be subdivided by plug-in, and troughs to be subdivided as well, intended for short items. Compartment load 3 t (manual operation), 10 t with electric drive. For objects disposing of a length of up to 12 m, useful height 125 to 650 mm, individually selectable by plug-in 75:75 mm.

Single- and double sided versions.

10 Years Warranty

Static Bar Storage

ArmStrong® V

Rod Material Shelf Store for Crane and Manual Operation

Supply of entire bundles by crane is simplified by plug-in storage aids. Bars can be taken out manually from front and longitudinal side. Plug-in pockets for commissioning enable different bar types to be combined and to be removed afterwards as a bundle by crane belt. For this reason, only narrow passages are required for material handling. Height adjustment of V-arms 75:75 mm is independent of the rest of the levels.

10 Years Warranty

ArmStrong® plus

Stacker Rack with Long Good-Piling-Cassettes for Crane Handling

For more than 30 years, the cantilever/plug-in rack system ArmStrong® has proven its ability all over Europe. Together with universal pallets for long objects, convenient for stacker and crane transport, stackable in a safe manner by patented catch pocket configuration, for material length of up to 12 m, individually to be subdivided by pins in different heights. The sophisticated design prevents squeezing of the belts during supply and removal of goods. For outdoor applications, the system is completely hot-dip galvanized.

10 Years Warranty

ArmStrong® S

Long Good-Cantilever-Heavy Duty-Shelf Store

Suitable stackers, stacker cranes and storage and retrieval units, without passage supports, with continuous storage levels, in any dimension and for any kind of long product, accessories and details according to customer requirements, for indoor and outdoor applications with roof and wall. Storage levels to be adapted in height by plug-in configuration of 75:75 mm.

The storemaster® -heavy load shelf system disposes of a long tradition – since 1985..

10 Years Warranty