Planning of Logistics

Heavy load systems developed by storemaster®, are intended for material supply to machines, particularly in metal processing industries. The target consists in placing the maximum of material types required in the direct surroundings, so that each type becomes available to the process in a minimum of time. An efficient application of these systems combines all of the three parameters, transport, handling and storage. Ergonomically designed handling equipment does not only contribute to a reduction of waiting phases, but minimizes also the risk of accidents and simplifies work of personnel involved. Efficient management of merchandise and administration of inventory is achieved by storage configurations offering at the same minimum consumption of space and maximum of clarity and order. An essential step to put this idea into practice was the creation of wood-free storage of sheet stacks by storemaster® in the year of 1998. Loading aids like drawers, flats, frames, pallets and case-bays are tailored to the merchandise in question, taking into consideration type of material, weight and cubature. Transport is carried out by means of stackers, cranes, manipulators, robots or other lifting equipment. For opening and closing of the drawers as well, human action is not required – these tasks are left to robots, cranes or stackers. For pure stacker operation, a wide choice of storage towers is available, of any type and dimension. All of the loading aids and systems are configured and combined, with minimum space requirements and easy handling in mind.

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The society was founded in 1967 as a pure engineering company for material flow technology. This fact represented an ideal basis for the storage and handling systems, produced and delivered by storemaster® up from 1998, particularly for the market segment of sheets and long goods. Comprehensive capacities for project work, planning and construction were available right from the beginning, referring also to objects in the periphery, and other devices and installations relevant for the flow of material.

Qualified consulting by experienced engineers is an advantage not to be neglected, as it prevents planning errors and bad decisions already at an early stage of the project. All of the relevant parameters are taken into consideration: Layout of material flow, selection of system, handling, flexibility and profitability. Besides the proper inventions of storemaster® (various trademark rights), an exclusive storing technology is used, particularly designed for sheets, sheet packages, boards, plates and other flat items, coils, slit strips and long good like rod material, rods, tubes and profiles with…

…a perfect adaptation to space available and access within one minute only!

A Comprehensive Approach for Sheet Logistics


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