Magazine for Residual Sheets

System featuring 25 drawers for Residual Sheets, height for pulling out: ca. 2 m, available in compact, medium and large size, height adjustable by plugging of 75:75 mm, pivoting rolling cheeks, drawers individually removable to increase filling height up to 105 mm, access from one or either side.

10 Years Warranty


Multifunctional unit, to be used as de-palletizer, loading or unloading station, DBGM patented, handling station to be moved also without load for de-palletizing of sheets stacks, for filling of drawers and system pallets, or for unloading from the machine to allow manual removal of sheets at working height in any direction. In order to avoid pressure marks in thin sheets, displacing dies on cross incl. protecting cap made of hard rubber, are provided. Hot dip galvanized acc. to EN ISO 1461.

10 Years Warranty


For Quick Filling of Sheet Storage Drawers with Wood-Free Sheet Stacks by Crane or Stacker

This option proves to be useful for handling of thin sheets. When filling drawers with de-palletized sheet stacks by means of belts (stacker or crane), diagonal pull in longitudinal direction must be prevented, otherwise sag of stacks is possible. Equipped with three adjustable safety – double load hooks, as well as with fork lift entry pockets adjustable with respect to distance of forks, incl. TÜV approval certificate, GS tested load belts and supporting beams preventing stack sagging in depth. To ensure safe transport, edge protection brackets are included.

10 Years Warranty

OverheadTop for MasterTower®

Top for Drawer or Exchange Cart Systems with Minimum Space Requirement in Height and Crane Connection for Stacker Operation with Various Accessories

MasterTower®– Element

System-Top-Block to provide positions for stacker forks above the system block for drawers resp. exchange carts for all sizes and loads, for storing of:

One-way wood pallets as well as system pallets.

classic-flat, superflat, euroFLAT

Height of compartment height by adjustment steps 75 / 62.5 mm, pluggable

Overall height determined by lifting height of fork lift and height of the hall

Operation possible from front and rear side

10 Years Warranty

TowerCrane© for MasterTower®

Slewing Crane System-integrated for all Drawer and Flat Systems for Removal of Material and Supply by Machine

MasterTower®– Element

Pillar mounted slewing crane, integrated within the system, foundation not necessary. Lightweight construction, installation possible at the four corners of all tower versions (standard method: at one of the long sides at the left and at the right – displaceable). Sheet weight up to 400 kg, admissible hook load 500 kg at a radius of action of 6 m. Crane column and electrical chain block are provided, as well as the electrical installation for manual and completely electrical operation; admissible load may be increased by reduced arm length.

Approval of crane by specialists after installation.

10 Years Warranty

HandlingMaster® for MasterTower®

Sheet Manipulator Specially Designed for Sheet Store Drawer-and-Flat-Systems

MasterTower®– Element

Sheet Manipulator in multifunctional ergonomic design featuring comfortable handling functions; particularly developed for use with sheet storage drawer systems. System integrated for 400 kg sheet weight; in external use, even 750 kg are possible. Gravity compensation for horizontal handling is provided. Operation from the stand for gathering of sheets from a height of up to 2,500 mm. Control panel with buttons for all functions ensures safe and easy handling. Control cable protected from rupture by chain guide within the cable spiral. Double sheet separation DBGM (Anti-Adhesion device) + optical/acoustical warning equipment for prevention of accidents.

10 Years Warranty

Cart for Residual Sheets

Optimum Overview for Inspection and Safe Access, Ensuring Perfect Management of Residual Sheets

For upright storing of plates in lower quantities, residual sheets and blanks in longitudinal direction for frontal browsing, convenient for stackers and ShuttleTower® – 3300/4300 x 1250 mm, with 48/60 separating shackles with a height of 750 mm, V-shaped for easy browsing (as known form poster stands, rotated by 90°) from longitudinal sides, separating shackle of 50:50 mm pluggable for compartment depth of 40 + n x 50 mm, movable. Guide rolls, fixing brakes as well as sliding grips at either side provided. Hot-dip galvanized, can be lifted by crane, carrying capacity 2 t.

10 Years Warranty


Transport cart with central rotating axis (rotates in place at maximum precision) for all types of flats, carrying capacity up to 4,000 kg, sliding shackles at either side, fixed and guide rolls with fixing brakes. Available in single- or multi-size configurations, hot-dip galvanized.

10 Years Warranty


Overhead Transport of Sheet Stack Flats to any Production Place within the Hall

For transport of flats in all sizes by hall crane, manually guided or not guided in the case of two synchronized chain blocks or cable pulls. This item is particularly useful for exchange of flats in ShuttleMaster–exchange systems, instead of transport by fork lift.

10 Years Warranty

Flat for Residual Grates

Prevents disarray in the production hall, allowing direct disposal of residual grates from the machine to the scrap container. For all sized and different filling heights, hot-dip galvanized.

10 Years Warranty


For Commissioning of Finished Parts

for Europallets or euroTablet

800 x 1.200 x 850 mm high, Sliding Shackle

Carrying Capacity 1,500 kg, hot-dip galvanized

with 2 fixed and 2 guide rolls incl. fixing brake

optionally for fork lift and/or crane transport

10 Years Warranty


Commissioning Pallet

Uniform exchange pallet euroTablet for compiling, commissioning and shipment of sheet parts / cut plates, special pallet for transport by truck, all sizes up from 800 x 1.200 mm EuroFormat, different filling heights, alternatively with folding frame and closed bottom or securing plate for protection of parts during transport, carrying capacity 3,000 kg, for fork lift or crane transport, stacks of 10 items possible, hot-dip galvanized.

10 Years Warranty