Flexible Use and Reliable Protection of Goods to be Stored:

Cassette Flats

Cassette Flats – The Efficient Answer to New Challenges in Storage

For many applications in processing industry, coated material (aluminum, steel etc.) is essentially not delivered in form of coils, but stored in cut and processed state. An uninterrupted material flow for these plate stacks requires particular heavy-load rack systems ensuring protected storage and minimum pressure on items comprised, thus avoiding damage to surfaces and material structure. Another important condition is maximum flexibility with respect to an environment changing from day to day, and ensuring trouble-free handling under any circumstances.

Even though plate stacks may have to be piled up one above the other, insertion resp. removal should not be restricted, and an excessive load should not be applied, as some materials are very sensitive. For this reason, corresponding objects have to be stored at a sufficient distance with respect to each other, so they can be displaced without damages. ShuttleTower, an innovative storemaster®– invention for sheet warehouses with cassette flats, was developed with these particularities in mind, as conventional storage systems in corresponding situations are not able to maintain the speed of material flow nowadays required. This configuration proves its worth especially in sectors, in which sheet types frequently used, can be positioned only at limited numbers. In these situations, material by means of a stacker is taken out from sheet tower storage systems equipped with cassette flats, and transported to the machine – this the quickest way of handling.  This method enables any number of sheet types intended for subsequent processing to be contained in a warehouse.

Economically meaningful and efficient handling solutions are essential for all modern enterprises, particularly in phases of growing production. Besides optimum consumption of space, quick access, easy management and safe working environment are decisive criteria for purchase decisions in this branch of business. 70% of the throughput times within a factory can be assigned to internal transportation, so increased profitability cannot be achieved without evaluating this factor. Sheet storage equipment and systems configured by storemaster® offer individual solutions, and may –corresponding to the intention of the client-  cover the entire transport chain from goods receipt of raw material up to dispatching of the final products. The sheet storage design represents the core of an optimized material flow.

The advantage of cassette flats is their ability to store an extremely high number of material types on a narrow area, so this variability ensures a maximum of flexibility in daily use. As waiting phases of machines can considerably be reduced (sometimes they may even disappear completely), their utilization ratio correspondingly improves. As the necessity for complicated handling procedures is eliminated, safety at the working place is enhanced as well.


All Sizes up to 6.000 x 2.000 mm, Sheet Stacks up to 5 t and Compartment height up from 150 mm,

To be modified by plug-in, alternatively 75 or 62.5 mm, Height of Tower up to 9 m

Outdoor Versions with Roof and Wall

To be extended to MasterTower® 1-Man-SheetHandlingStorage-CompactStation (since 2001) by means of

TowerCrane System-Integrated Pillar-Jib Crane

+ HandlingMaster Sheet Manipulator


Cassette-Flats –stackable upon request-

As Load Carrier for Sheet Stacks after Removal of Wood Pallets with Special storemaster® Features



Compartment height to be adapted by plug-in

Angle-to-Angle Guide

Front-to-Rear Support Construction

Open Forklift Pockets

Highest Storage Density

Hot Galvanized

Insertion Patent


De-palletizing Sheet Stacks and Loading Cassette Flats



with base block ShuttleTower

for 1-Man-Sheet-Handling-Compact-Station by means of following Components:

Kettenzug MasterTower ShuttleTower Kran Blech Vakuum Manipulator
Kettenzug MasterTower Kran Blech Vakuum Manipulator 2



Zertifikat RAL euroFLAT Blauer Engel


Universal Sheet Storage-Exchange Pallet


As Permanent Load Carrier for Sheet Stacks after Removal of Wood Pallets

All storage-, transport- and production-oriented features of a load carrier required for uninterrupted material flow, are combined in one product


storemaster® makes it possible

De-palletizing Sheet Stacks and Loading Cassette Flats

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Universal Sheet Storage-Exchange Pallet

Flexible, Safe, Rugged, Space-Saving, Easy to Handle, Multi-functional, Exchangeable

Multiple Entry Load Carrier, to achieve an Optimum Storage Density in Sheet Storage Towers

Unit Carrying Capacity 3 t – Stack Height Selectable- Three-Dimensional Flexibility Ensured

Flats hot-dip galvanized acc. to EN ISO 1461

Open to all sides simplifying manual unloading and visual inspection of content

Stacker receptacle for Any Prong Distance

Tower Depth = Sheet Size Depth

Storage Towers open to front and rear side, thus service possible from either side

Tower compartments to be used also for smaller sizes, allowing different sizes to be combined

Quick Charging by Double PalEx®

Compartment height in eurotower® to be adapted by plug-in for any height of stack

Comfortable Sheet Handling for machines and uncoiling units (corresponding to wood pallets)

Storage Density:

Sheet Stacks up to 60 mm with Tower Compartment Steps 250 mm

Sheet Stacks up to 120 mm with Tower Compartment Steps 312.5 mm

Compatible with Height Step Spacing 62.5 mm

Sheet Stacks up to 100 mm with Tower Compartment Steps 300 mm – Height Step Spacing 75 mm

Free combination of compartment heights within one tower

Free combination of sizes within one tower

e.g. large size compartments to be used also for medium and small sizes

Compatible to any trademark of sheet processing machines, appropriate for automatic operation

MasterTower® version incl. Crane Vacuum Technology for Sheet Supply

Appropriate for ShuttleMaster Pallet-Exchange-Buffer System at the machine

For outdoor applications, towers are completely hot-dip galvanized acc. to EN ISO 1461

Roof Cover and lateral paneling upon request


Plug-in stakes for stacking and plug-in stoppers at the front for any filling height, useful for truck transport (shuttle

operation) and flat loading at uncoiling units, as well as size adapters for sheet size combinations


The Latest State in Universal Sheet Storage



Drawer System

For Temporary Storage of

For Exchange of any Number of Sheet Types

Allowing Direct Access at the Machine

with Pivoting Rolling Cheeks

for Pulling Out for Upper Drawer of up to ca. 2 m

e.g. for Large Size Cassette-Flats:

13 Exchange Carts with 2.8 t Load Each / 15 Exchange Carts with 2.0 t Load Each /

19 Exchange Carts with 1.2 t Load Each

Supply / Unloading at One or Either Side,


Electrical drawers

Electrical drives for pulling out of drawers are available for all systems with a drawer load up from 2.5 t.

Insertion resp. extraction of the individual drawer levels is coupled to a control panel featuring a dead man’s button. Control panel and switch cabinet in compact design are integrated in single or double-side standard storage tower, delivered in state ready for use.

For drawer dimensions of up to 6 x 2 m and loads of up to 10 t (standard), pulling-out is carried out in transversal direction, longitudinal action enables dimensions to be enlarged to 16 x 4 m, with loads of up to 20 t.

In a situation of system failure or power outage, manual operation remains still available.

10 Years Warranty

Schubladen Elektrifizierung Motor Überblick 2
Schubladen Elektrifizierung Motor bedienung


Device for Quick Exchange of Sheets + Disposal of Residual Grates + Collection of Parts

By means of this manual exchange portal for system pallets (flats of all kind) with a capacity of up to 3 t, the waiting phase for the sheet type of the following task, may be reduced to zero. This cost-efficient solution is advisable particularly in the case of long cutting cycles and large numbers of identical sheets per task. Further useful options include disposal of residual grates (refer to special flat for residual grates), removal of finished products or entire plates after cutting, resp. integration into other production sequences. Sheet supply or removal may be take place at either transfer point in all of the three directions.

10 Years Warranty