Drawer System

For Temporary Storage of

For Exchange of any Number of Sheet Types

Allowing Direct Access at the Machine

with Pivoting Rolling Cheeks

for Pulling Out for Upper Drawer of up to ca. 2 m

e.g. for Large Size Cassette-Flats:

13 Exchange Carts with 2.8 t Load Each / 15 Exchange Carts with 2.0 t Load Each /

19 Exchange Carts with 1.2 t Load Each

Supply / Unloading at One or Either Side,


Electrical drawers

Electrical drives for pulling out of drawers are available for all systems with a drawer load up from 2.5 t.

Insertion resp. extraction of the individual drawer levels is coupled to a control panel featuring a dead man’s button. Control panel and switch cabinet in compact design are integrated in single or double-side standard storage tower, delivered in state ready for use.

For drawer dimensions of up to 6 x 2 m and loads of up to 10 t (standard), pulling-out is carried out in transversal direction, longitudinal action enables dimensions to be enlarged to 16 x 4 m, with loads of up to 20 t.

In a situation of system failure or power outage, manual operation remains still available.

10 Years Warranty

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