Simple and convenient - buy sheet metal bearings online


For more than 55 years, our engineers have been designing high-quality sheet metal bearings with a guarantee of up to 20 years. Since 2022, we have also been offering a selection of our diverse product range for sheet metal bearings in our Online shop an.

The advantages and disadvantages of buying sheet metal bearings online

Our high-quality shelving stands for innovative storage technology and has all been subjected to the so-called shelving test according to DIN EN 15635 and DGUV rule 108-007. As a buyer, you receive tested quality that you can easily order on our shop page for your production or warehouse. The range is diverse, so that we can meet almost any request for storage technology for sheet metal, coils or long goods. 

Buy sheet metal bearings online - everything at a glance

For many potential customers, it is initially difficult to imagine ordering a sheet metal storage box, interchangeable shelving, slide-in pallet system, cassette shelving or automatic sheet metal storage on the Internet. Many need direct contact with the seller or want to see the item in reality beforehand. We have found a customer-friendly solution for this with our clear Internet offer. 

If you have any questions, just give us a call

All products are not only clearly shown, but also explained in detail. All integrated elements are listed and can be called up with a mouse click. As a customer, you can easily put together the desired version and order special options and accessories. Should anything still be unclear, our friendly telephone support will help and guide you through the ordering process. Delivery within Germany is then free of charge in a disassembled version. Some of the rail walls are already pre-assembled. 

Buying sheet metal bearings online - what to look out for

Before our customers decide to buy a new storage system for storing sheet metal or long goods, they should know exactly what is needed. The height and the total depth are important aspects for the right storage rack. How many compartments are needed, which machines will be connected to the rack in the factory? Once all questions and requirements have been clarified, the search for the optimal racking begins. 

High quality offer for every request

We offer quality that is durable and will stand the test of time. The sheet metal lies on smooth-running steel rollers and can therefore be easily removed by the worker. This also applies to larger sheets that are stored in the sheet storage area. The bevelled support rails on the systems ensure safety and easy working. This guarantees a secure hold. In addition, there are solutions with galvanised sheet steel trays that can be pulled out. The integrated cassettes can be removed safely with a forklift truck and pushed in effortlessly. Furthermore, the manufacturer also offers its shelving systems with drawers for space-saving storage. 

The systems are designed for different loads. The frames are powder-coated and coloured in RAL 5010 gentian blue. Our customers can choose additional options to tailor the storage technology to their individual needs. For example, if additional compartments are required in the sheet metal storage box, these can be integrated as well.

Planning support

By the way, if buyers are still at the very beginning of their planning for the camp, we offer a special service. Under the item "Warehouse planning"you can find a questionnaire in which you can enter your criteria for the right storage rack. We then determine the suitable system from this.

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