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Custom solutions

Special constructions according to your requirements

Gebraucht-Systeme zu interessanten Preisen – selbst 20 Jahre alte Systeme tun noch heute ihre Dienste, so wie am ersten Tag.

Overview of special designs

As a warehouse specialist with many decades of experience, it is a particular pleasure for us to demonstrate our expertise to you. We make possible what is not available by default.

Special roofing, great heights and other requirements beyond the norm. We design the most economical and rationally best warehouse logistics solution for you at any time. 


Crucial competence from a single source

Talk to us about any special solution or any other individual storage concept.

Material handling storage systems for an efficient material flow

We are successfully involved in the creative further development and implementation of innovative material handling storage systems for an efficient material flow that meets the requirements in the processing industry and in specialist shops with modern solution concepts.

Market leading position in innovative system developments

Since 1967 we have been designing efficient storage solutions for our business partners in the manufacturing industry worldwide and implementing them on site.

Detailed planning of the material flow

Sheet types and stocks in the sheet metal warehouse, access frequency, lot sizes, handling, machine allocation, processing times, further processing, spatial conditions, conveying, transport and handling equipment, data processing, scope of investments, as well as business perspectives are the parameters for sustainable storage technology or an efficient sheet metal warehouse Concept of storemaster® (from modern shelving systems to efficient automation solutions for material distribution).

Individual concepts for process optimization

We develop individual concepts for process optimization in your company; naturally within the framework of your logistics chains and tailored entirely to your needs.