Swing-out shelf


The swing-out shelf - for more momentum in your warehouse!

Long goods such as pipes or bars are often stored horizontally. With this type of stored goods, it helps to save space in this way. This also prevents, for example, pipes made of copper or other flexible materials from bending. Particularly practical horizontal storage units are swing-out shelves whose storage levels open and close with a "swing". In the swing-out shelving, the stored goods "disappear" against the wall to save space. And the operation is simple.

What are the advantages of swing-out shelving?

Shelving with swing-out arms is also known as cantilever shelving. The advantages of swing-out shelving are as follows:

  • Storage of long goods in a small space
  • Simple functionality
  • Easy access to the stored goods
  • maximum flexibility
  • ... thereby more efficiency in warehouse logistics

Without a professional, swing-out storage system, access to the stored goods is often difficult. Here, the long goods lie in the "furthest corner" and bars or profiles in front of or above them have to be cleared out. There, high-value goods are stored on the floor, where they can be damaged or represent dangerous tripping hazards.

A storemaster® system like ArmStrong® SwingOut - nomen est omen - has arms with high load-bearing capacity that are child's play to swing out and back in again. storemaster® swing-out shelves are compact, robust and extremely resilient. They offer maximum flexibility and contribute to efficient warehouse logistics. The system ArmStrong® SwingOut for example, can be operated from one or two sides. Horizontal long goods can be stored loosely, in bundles or in cassettes.

The cantilever arms can be extended manually or electrically in seconds. This eliminates tiring or dangerous physical exertion by warehouse workers - and the warehouse works more efficiently and productively. In short: a swing-out racking system like ArmStrong® SwingOut brings proverbial "momentum" into the camp.

The range of accessories for swing-out shelving includes material trays and shelf dividers. With stabilising feet, swing-out shelves compensate for uneven floors so that the arms are always in a horizontal position. Telescopic arms with locks make it easier to swing out heavy shelves. Lifting magnets are often included in the accessories.

What are swing-out shelves suitable for?

Long goods such as pipes, profiles or sheet metal are best stored horizontally. The warehouse logistics can choose whether to store the goods loose, in bundles or cassettes. Swing-out shelving is particularly practical and space-saving because the storage arms simply swing out and "disappear" back into the shelving system.

Systems like ArmStrong® SwingOut are potentially suitable for any warehouse. Construction companies use them to store beams, boards or other bar stock. Sanitary retailers use swing-out racks primarily for storing pipes. Trade fair construction companies store the profiles, frames and panels for system construction trade fair stands. In wholesalers and DIY stores, swing-out shelves can clearly present and display stock to both sales staff and customers.