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What entrepreneurial activity means in essence to Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Paul, he explains to you in more detail in this poetically underscored article.

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Anyway... a shelf is a shelf. Isn't it?

Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Paul explains the subject of shelving in more detail. For all those who already know everything else about shelving. Storage technology and shelving in warehouse equipment and what storemaster can supply you with in this area that is incomparably good.

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Man as the (im)measure of all things.

Every CO₂ molecule in the atmosphere is happy about every ray of sunlight reflected back from the Earth and happily bats it back at us ... so that we are even warmer down here ... and warmer and warmer and warmer. And more heat also means more water vapour in the atmosphere, which really escalates the heat build-up.
Smart solutions are needed!
storemaster shows the way: with the load carrier for sheet metal packages in unlimited permanent use already at the decoiling lines of the sheet metal service centres!
If you only want to, the euroflat® - awarded the >Blue Angel< - ready for it.

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Co2 reduction with storemaster

What a pandemic has taught us

After 40 years of trade fair presence, the very first year without a trade fair - 2020 - has made us rethink and we are turning our backs on the world of trade fairs. With the reference to our web presence, the many references and our factory showroom, we let the high trade fair costs better benefit our product prices. This makes it easier for us to sell and enables our customers to buy more cost-effectively.

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Our certificates

We are a safe and strong business partner.
Our work is characterised by reliability and consideration.

Storage technology in sustainable packaging - Blue Angel

Sustainable packaging

More than 1 million trees are felled across Europe every year in order to use their wood to transport a one-off package of sheet metal from A to B. Is that necessary? storemaster® says no and invented a load carrier that remains permanently in use without being renewed or disposed of.

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RAL Environmental Quality Mark

RAL Environmental Quality Mark
The Blue Angel is the oldest eco-label and one of the most renowned quality labels in the world.
Since 1978, RAL has been the Sole awarding body of the Blue Angel.

10-year guarantee on highest product quality from storemaster

Highest product quality
We are completely convinced of our stock products not only in terms of content, but also in every other respect. That is why we grant a guarantee on all storemaster® Products 20 years warranty. 

Creditreform Creditworthiness Certificate 2020

A strong partner

The storemaster GmbH & Co. KG. is one of the 2% of German companies that have been awarded the "CrefoZert" creditworthiness certificate for exceptionally good credit standing. Creditreform thus certifies that our business conduct is impeccable and the prognosis for the future is positive. Your perfect business partner!

RAL Environmental Quality Mark

StoreKeeper® Warehouse App

With StoreKeeper® warehouse management software, you have your entire warehouse in view at all times.
Connect your ERP and off you go.
StoreKeeper® is cloud-based and can therefore be used across platforms.

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Optimally and transparently positioned: PDF documents for utility models, trade marks and certificates.

With our transparent and accessible way of working, you can be sure that we are a safe and professional partner for your requests and wishes!

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