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Storage technology sheet metal processing - Guide for system selection
You can find extensive information on our solutions for sheet metal bearings at the Page "Sheet metal bearing .
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100% made in Germany.

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Storage technology in sustainable packaging - Blue Angel

Sustainable packaging

More than 1 million trees are felled across Europe every year in order to use their wood to transport a one-off package of sheet metal from A to B. Is that necessary? storemaster® says no and invented a load carrier that remains permanently in use without being renewed or disposed of.

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RAL Environmental Quality Mark

RAL Environmental Quality Mark
The Blue Angel is the oldest eco-label and one of the most renowned quality labels in the world.
Since 1978, RAL has been the Sole awarding body of the Blue Angel.

10-year guarantee on highest product quality from storemaster

Highest product quality
We are completely convinced of our stock products not only in terms of content, but also in every other respect. That is why we grant a guarantee on all storemaster® Products 20 years warranty. 

Creditreform Creditworthiness Certificate 2020

A strong partner

The storemaster GmbH & Co. KG. is one of the 2% of German companies that have been awarded the "CrefoZert" creditworthiness certificate for exceptionally good credit standing. Creditreform thus certifies that our business conduct is impeccable and the prognosis for the future is positive. Your perfect business partner!

RAL Environmental Quality Mark

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With StoreKeeper® warehouse management software, you have your entire warehouse in view at all times.
Connect your ERP and off you go.
StoreKeeper® is cloud-based and can therefore be used across platforms.

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