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ArmStrong® plus

cantilever racks for long goods additionally with long good cassettes

20 years warranty - Made in Germany

ArmStrong ® plus at a glance

The ArmStrong ® plus cantilever rack, developed by storemaster ® in 1980, is the most versatile veteran among the long goods shelves to this day. The free design of dimensions and loads fulfills even the most unusual wishes and requirements with superior flexibility. This universal cantilever rack enables the storage of long goods of various cubic sizes, e.g. Rod and bar material, pipes, profiles, boxes, rollers or the like.

Since cantilever racks react extremely sensitively to incorrect operation, which cannot be ruled out in practice, the safety details at storemaster ® receive particular attention and consideration in the static design with dynamic additional loads, construction and functionality of this popular system.

We manufacture your system according to your specifications in any dimensions in our main plant 100% in Germany and thus guarantee the highest quality and outstanding durability.


ArmStrong ® plus at a glance

By using hot-dip galvanized storemaster ® long goods cassettes, the ArmStrong ® standard long goods rack becomes an ArmStrong ® plus. The cranes and stackable load carriers suitable for outdoor use ensure ideal and, above all, safe material movement between the warehouse and processing machines by forklift or crane. You can transport entire bundles at once or, using compartment dividers, several types of smaller quantities at the same time.

The ArmStrong ® plus combines the flexibility of the cantilever rack with the handling of the system pallets. The handling of the long goods is significantly simplified by using specially designed long goods pallets. The result is a time saving per access.

The system can accommodate lengths up to 12 m as standard. The hot-dip galvanizing according to DIN EN ISO 1461 makes the pallets particularly robust and weatherproof. Outdoor use is therefore possible without any problems.

ArmStrong ® with roof and wall

For weather protection of the stored goods outdoors, roof and wall elements are the cost-effective alternative to conventional structures. The weather resistance is guaranteed by a full hot dip galvanizing according to DIN EN ISO 1461.

We design type and design individually according to your specifications and framework conditions. If none of our systems meet your expectations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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