Sheet metal manipulator for sheet metal storage drawer and system pallets

20-year warranty - Made in Germany

HandlingMaster at a glance

The HandlingMaster is used in conjunction with the MasterTower. The existing rack is extended by a crane and this sheet metal manipulator. 

Specific improvements to the device ensure that the HandlingMaster works ideally with the storage systems. These include a folding arm to make it possible to work at heights of up to 2,500 mm. The unit also has a double sheet separation function (anti-adhesion device). 

Up to 400 kg sheet weight is possible with this sheet manipulator when the device is integrated in the system. With external use, even 750 kg are possible. A centre of gravity compensation is always available. 

Safety is ensured by optical and acoustic warning devices. 


    Component in extensions

    MasterTower drawer

    MasterTower drawer

    Basic block extension for TwenTower and ShuttleMaster to form a 1-man sheet handling compact station

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