For quick loading of sheet metal storage drawers with wood-free sheet metal packages by crane or forklift truck

20-year warranty - Made in Germany

LoadingBeam at a glance

This peripheral component is used for drawer loading with depalletised sheet packs by means of a belt via forklift or crane.

  • Avoidance of diagonal pull in the longitudinal direction, especially in the thin sheet area (sagging of the sheet packs)
  • 2 adjustable and one fixed safety double load hook in the middle
  • as well as fork spacing adjustable forklift entry shoes
  • Including TÜV acceptance test certificate
  • GS-approved load straps and beam support profiles against package deflection in depth with edge protection angles for damage-free transport

Compatible with these products

In the following you will find the possible complete packages in which this peripheral component is included or for which the LoadingBeam is a useful addition.

MasterTower drawer

MasterTower drawer

Basic block extension for TwenTower and ShuttleMaster to form a 1-man sheet handling compact station


Sheet metal storage shuttle tower for sheet metal packages on system pallets or disposable wooden pallets


Sheet metal storage drawers - drawer rack for depalletised sheet metal packs - also available as a special solution

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