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Attachment for drawer and change trolley systems for height utilization and crane connection for forklift operation with various equipment options

20 years warranty - Made in Germany

OverheadTop at a glance

The overhead top is used as an extension of a basic block in order to make the best possible use of the mostly existing hall height. Storage spaces are created that can be loaded with the forklift. In addition, this attachment can be used from the front and back.

At the same time, the attachment serves as a replacement for a foundation if a crane is to be integrated.

There are various options for the equipment. The system is most widespread for wooden pallets for intermediate storage of the most commonly used types.

Equipping with system pallets is also possible. This variant has the highest storage density and is perfectly suited together with the ShuttleTower.

Component in expansion packages

Below you will find the possible complete packages in which this peripheral component is included.

MasterTower drawer

MasterTower drawer

Basic block extension for TwenTower and ShuttleMaster to a 1-man sheet metal handling station

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