PalEx classic

Multifunctional depalletiser and loader
Withdrawal station (punch out)

20-year warranty - Made in Germany

PalEx Classic at a glance

The PalEx classic is the storemaster solution for depalletising whole packs of sheets for wood-free loading of system pallets (cassette flats) and sheet storage drawers, as well as punching out packs of sheets from the pallets for removal of individual sheets by means of a manual take-off. 

Due to the movable punches on a diagonal cross, any size of wooden pallet, system pallet and sheet metal format can be covered and handled. Thanks to the hard rubber stamps, pressure marks on the sheet metal are avoided.  

In addition, the sheet metal on the punches is at a comfortable working height, so that ergonomic handling is guaranteed.

 A particularly convenient way of working when loading system pallets is achieved by using 2 pieces of PalEx classic at the same time ... one for depalletising ... the other for loading the system pallet already placed on it.

 The PalEx classic is completely hot-dip galvanised in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461. This means that the PalEx classic can be parked outdoors in a weather-resistant manner without taking up costly hall space.

    PalEx in action

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