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Remaining sheet metal wagon

Comfortable overview, insight and secure access for perfect rest sheet organization and management

Metal sheets -remaining sheets -short lengths -cut-to-size
External dimensions 3,300 x 1250 mm with 42 dividing bars 750 mm in V-shape for clear browsing from the longsides, 50:50 mm pluggable for compartment widths of 40 + n x 50 mm, manually movable, 4 steering wheels with brakes, load capacity 2 t
20 years warranty - Made in Germany

small sheet metal warehouse, flexible central axis:turns on the spot

The stable inclination of the sheets up to 3 m in the conical, adjustable stirrup stand compartments allows comfortable handling when leafing through and finding the remaining sheets, as well as the unhindered, scratch-free storage and removal of the sheet material – accident-preventing

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