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Sheet metal storage tower for sheet metal packages
on system pallets or disposable wooden pallets

20 years warranty - Made in Germany

ShuttleMaster at a glance

An innovative solution that saves time and space and significantly increases the flexibility of storage. This is based on the unique change principle. 

This works through an external storage and a buffer storage directly on the machine. Thanks to the same load carriers, both sheet metal stores work hand in hand. Depending on requirements, the types are exchanged in the change system directly on the machine. This will significantly reduce the space required on the machine and at the same time increase flexibility. All varieties are available on demand. 

In addition, time is saved by positioning directly on the machine. Thanks to the manual pull-out, the worker quickly has the right sheet ready. An extension to include crane vacuum technology ensures additional efficiency when equipping the machine. 

overview of advantages

  • less space in the machine area is used for storage
  • high flexibility thanks to the internal exchange of the pallets
  • Time saving through manual pull-out
  • Availability of all varieties in every place

  • Single tower in connection with tower storage
  • two-sided or one-sided pull-out
  • Rear forklift loading
  • suitable for crane vacuum expansion

  • Number of statements variable
  • Increase with stationary storage spaces
  • can be electrified for more payload

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ShuttleMaster in action

Moving pictures say more than a thousand words. Take a look for yourself and convince yourself of the concept of the ShuttleMaster handling warehouse.

We would be happy to arrange a personal reference visit to one of our satisfied customers in your area.


    System extensions

    MasterTower drawer

    MasterTower drawer

    Basic block extension for TwenTower and ShuttleMaster to a 1-man sheet metal handling station

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