Slewing crane system integrated for all drawer and flat systems for material removal and machine feeding

20 years warranty

TowerCrane at a glance

This MasterTower component is a system-integrated column slewing crane , for which a foundation is not required is.

  • in a lightweight design, can be installed at the 4 corner points of all tower versions (standard on one long side on the left and right – can be moved)
  • up to 400 kg sheet weight
  • perm. Hook load 500 kg with 6 m operating radius
  • incl. Crane column and electric chain hoist
  • complete electrical installation for manual or totally electrified operation
  • Load increase due to shorter crane arm length.
  • BG crane acceptance on installed system

Component in expansion packages

In the following you will find the possible complete packages in which this peripheral component is included.

MasterTower drawer

MasterTower drawer

Basic block extension for TwenTower and ShuttleMaster to a 1-man sheet metal handling station

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