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TwenTower rollers

Basic block extension for TwenTower for rollers

20 years warranty

TwenTower rollers at a glance

Rollers with highly sensitive surfaces, as well as a wide variety of contours and weights, such as those used in the steel, plastics, printing and paper industries, are stored in special protective holders of the TwenTower rolls.

The crane is handled in manually operated heavy-duty drawer blocks with a load capacity of up to 10 t.
For drawer loads over 3 t, motorized drives ensure controlled opening and closing. Retracting the roll levels (power function).

  • for crane operation in one and double-sided design
  • special protective recordings for crane handling in manually operated heavy-duty drawer blocks
  • suitable for hand removal at the front
  • Manual drawer load up to 3 t
  • Drawer load electrified up to 10 t

individual components

Below you will find the individual components that are included in this TwenTower roller extension or can be ordered separately.



Sheet metal storage drawers - drawer shelf for unpalletized sheet metal packages - also possible as a special solution

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