20 years of TwenTower – the successful system for quick access to frequently used sheet metal types. World’s highest warehouse density

Advantages at a glanceExample: Large-format drawer rack with swing-in pull-out roller panels at approx. 2 m top extension:
25 drawers for 700 kg at 30 mm filling height
20 drawers for 1,750 kg at 50 mm filling height
16 drawers for 2,500 kg at 75 mm filling height
13 drawers for 3,000 kg at 90 mm filling height
20 years warranty - Made in Germany - Electrification

TwenTower The original since 1998

In the metal processing industry, high storage density and easy access to sheet metal in various formats are required. The high loads make optimal sheet metal storage a special challenge. TwenTower is the successful storage system for quick access to frequently required sheet metal types. For more than 20 years, the clever drawer rack has been considered the world champion in terms of storage density in sheet metal storage. Behind the development of TwenTower are the clever minds at storemaster. We offer our customers well thought-out, individual solutions made from the most proven elements of storage technology. TwenTower is one of our most prominent products for sheet metal storage. We bring our years of experience with storage technology in metal processing as well as our passion for optimal, customized solutions. Let storemaster provide you with expert advice!

Format variants of the TwenTower drawer rack

The TwenTower has sheet metal storage drawers for all sizes from 2,000 x 1,000 mm to 6,000 x 2,000 mm. Each drawer has a load capacity of up to 3 tons for your different sized sheets. The drawers can be optionally electrified. This means that even load capacities of up to 10 tons and even easier operation can be realized.

Depending on the version, the TwenTower rack can be loaded and unloaded from one or both sides. The storage system has proven itself in practical use for decades and proves its unique storage density in the demanding and gentle storage of sheet metal anew every day.

Tune the TwenTower individually to your needs:


7 drawers for sheet metal packages on wooden pallet or euroflat…


…transform successively as needed into…


… up to 13 or 19 drawers for depalletized sheet metal packages … … and vice versa !

Versatile versions of the TwenTower

The TwenTower can be adapted to your storage and work requirements with its various versions. You can get it both as a drawer rack and with interchangeable trolleys for removable sheet storage system pallets (flats). In addition, the TwenTower can be supplemented with the MasterTower drawer, the 1-man sheet handling compact station.

In your case, the TwenTower is best suited for roll storage? For this purpose, we will equip your drawer rack with the appropriate gentle supports. Our rack has also proven itself as a storage system for long goods, namely as TwenTowerLG. Like all Storemaster storage systems, the TwenTower is modular and compatible with other components. So you can add more basic blocks to your drawer rack and increase your capacity.

Lagersysteme für Bleche bei

Highly intelligent and practical solutions for sheet metal storage have been the focus of storemaster since 1967. With input from our customers, solid expertise and practical experience, we have developed products for sheet metal storage that have proven their value many times over in the metalworking industry.

Our portfolio includes, among others:

Advantages of the TwenTower

The TwenTower solves many sheet metal storage challenges at once.

The advantages of our shelf rack at a glance:
  • permanently secured roller rail transition
  • strong adjustable safety door stops
  • door hinges for permanent maximum load
  • magnetic stops
  • high carrying capacity
  • unsurpassed storage density
  • access from both sides
  • optional electrification
  • suitable for large-sized sheets
  • proven in practice many times
  • 20 years warranty
  • smart, versatile module for company-specific storage solutions

System version

MasterTower drawer

MasterTower drawer

Basic block extension for TwenTower and ShuttleMaster to a 1-man sheet metal handling station


Base block extension for TwenTower on 25 flat goods drawers


Drawer shelf for long goods with very high capacity

Suitable accessories



loading traverse for quick loading of entire sheet metal packages


Multifunctional depalletizer and loader as a removal station (stamp) DBGM


superflat - patented lifting table - automatic sheet removal by machine gripper
StoreKeeper® Smart

StoreKeeper® Smart

Warehouse management software for sheets, long goods and coils - simple and intuitive
System electrification

System electrification

storemaster storage systems marked with this icon are available with an additional customized electrification.

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