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optimum bearing density - load distribution - diameter adjustment

Heavy duty belt bearing for coils

An innovative solution for your coil storage. Make optimum use of the height of your production hall or warehouse. Do not compromise on work safety or user-friendly material handling.

The patented load support offers you advantages in the daily handling of your cargo. Each coil is supported on two heavy-duty load-bearing belts to protect the surface. This creates an optimal surface load and avoids pressure points. Due to the flexibility of the belts, the coil is supported positively for every diameter. 

The welded post-and-beam construction ensures optimum load distribution on the ground. This means that bay loads of up to 150 tonnes can be realised. Due to the open shelving fronts, your stored goods are accessible from both sides.

Advantages at a glance
  • Operation by forklift truck and carrying mandrel
  • Storage on 2 heavy duty belts
  • Patented coil take-up load belts
  • Gentle storage that avoids coating pressure
  • Pressure marks and flattening are completely excluded
  • Flexibly adaptable to different coil diameters
  • Design up to 20 tons shelf load possible
  • Single tower or as a row of towers
  • Almost all bandwidths and lengths
  • suitable for double-sided use
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • for all coil dimensions 
  • Bottom storage level alternatively on wooden pallet or coil mat

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Heavy duty belt bearing for coils on load carriers

Another storage solution for coils is storage on load carriers with integrated belt pick-up. The fork pick-up is done by:

  • Forklift
  • Shelf furniture
  • Stacking crane
  • Indoor crane with coil hook

Suitable accessories

StoreKeeper® Smart

StoreKeeper® Smart

Warehouse management for sheets, long goods and coils - simple and intuitive

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