ShuttleTower - the tower camp

Cassette tower bearing. The sheet metal bearing with the insertion patent
Solid prof. steel construction, shelf heights pluggable

Brief introduction of our tower rack, the ShuttleTower®

For shelving in sheet metal storage, safety, order and a high degree of space utilisation are important. You can ensure this when you use the all-round solution ShuttleTower®, buy our tower camp.

The ShuttleTower® combines manageability and capacity. With its outstanding, worldwide unique storage density, the rack can be assembled quickly and saves space. The low space consumption thus makes your cassette storage for sheet metal more cost-effective. The tower also stands for process-safe sheet storage, where each sheet is easy to find and even easier to retrieve. This saves time in the warehouse and avoids risks such as picking errors or processing the wrong material. The practical features of the cassette racking also make it easy to operate and ensure quick access in your cassette storage for sheet metal. For example, the ShuttleTower racking is equipped with the Drop & Push patent, which makes entry with packs of sheet metal on the forks much more pleasant and safe. The tower thus helps you to save time and work more efficiently when handling the respective material.

In addition, the sheet metal storage tower grants you ShuttleTower® an optimal overview. Its special feature is the visual marking of the sheet types on the load carriers. At the same time, a marking on the tower rack ensures a simple system for uncomplicated operation of the rack. This prevents incorrect material processing and thus considerable damage and additional costs.

If you want to use the storemaster® When you buy tower storage, you make a flexible decision. Because modular tower storage gives you a particularly high degree of flexibility in the design and size of your shelving system - even in the long term. Because your sheet metal storage system can be expanded and changed as your business grows. You can expand and adapt the ShuttleTower at any later date. Our products have been tried and tested for many years. For this reason, we grant a 20-year guarantee on every shelving unit and its accessories with a clear conscience. storemaster® ensures that the tower components for your ShuttleTower will be available for many years to come and that you can count on the reliable use of your tower racking.

Our recommendation: Invest in tower storage and benefit from safe storage, high storage density and efficient handling of sheets.

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Smart sheet metal storage design and unique heavy duty racking systems for sheet metal, coils and long goods.

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These benefits are included when you buy our tower bearing

Advantages at a glance
  • Highest bearing density in tower bearings
  • Convenient storage thanks to Drop & Push patent
  • Angle-on-angle guide for additional safety
  • Shelf heights can be changed as required thanks to plug-in grid
  • Hot dip galvanising increases durability
  • Open forklift shoes for easy entry

The highlight: automatic sheet removal

  • with patent lifting table stampmaster (storemaster innovation)
  • for e.g. sheetmaster liftmaster loadmaster byloader etc.
  • 3-fold effect due to superflat charge carriers
  • Universal use on all laser machines
  • Unrivalled highest storage density
  • Greatest safety comfort worldwide
  • free of any interfering contours (analogous to wooden pallet)
  • Free from fixed or temporary stops
  • Precise reference point positioning
  • Use of wooden pallets alternatively
Designs of the ShuttleTower®
  • Single tower or as a row of towers
  • all sheet metal formats from 2,000 x 1,000 mm to 6,000 x 2,000 mm
  • up to 5 t load capacity
  • Compartment grid from 150 mm
  • Maximum tower height 9 m
  • Even after assembly, an extension is possible
Various customisation options
  • Outdoor version with roof and wall
  • Completely hot-dip galvanised for more weather resistance
  • Selection of the appropriate load carrier provides additional variation options

Important product details about our sheet metal storage tower: ShuttleTower®

The storemaster® Shelf tower ShuttleTower® is designed to cut a fine figure in the tower camp in every respect. The clever minds behind the tower's design have thought of all the details. These include:

Forklift shoes open at the bottom (analogue to Euro pallet) with generous entry height guarantee permanently collision-free, fast and safe entry of the forks into the racking - especially when the flatrack and/or the forklift truck are in an inclined or tilted position.

Built-in safety is one of the important details of the tower rack. In the event of operating errors - such as loads picked up off-centre - the load carrier already tips off the fork during the first lift before the forklift loses its stability through further lifting. A safe load pick-up according to BG guideline BGI 545, paragraph 6.3 is thus guaranteed.

Lateral frame brackets make precise storage in the ShuttleTower child's play. Already in front of the cassette front, the flatrack is placed on the tower's forwardly extended support brackets. This enables precise angle-on-angle guidance and rapid sliding into the appropriate compartment of the storage tower.

Practical system extensions and accessories for ShuttleTower®

Smart extensions and additions to the compact system make the ShuttleTower® to an all-round solution for shelving in sheet metal storage if you use our ShuttleTower® buy. Our shelving accessories at a glance:

HandlingMaster: Sheet metal manipulator for turning, rotating and lifting even heavy sheets and sheet metal packages on the tower rack. Loading height up to 2,500mm
MasterTower tower storage: Extension module for the ShuttleTower with column-mounted slewing crane and the HandlingMaster sheet metal manipulator.
Flexibolo: Transport trolley with high load-bearing capacity and central pivot axis for particularly high manoeuvrability
PalEx: Depalletiser for loading and unloading cassettes for sheet packs and individual sheets. Protects sheets and ensures ergonomic working conditions
Remaining sheet trolley: Clear solution for the storage of remaining sheets as well as convenient retrieval and browsing
StampMaster: Patented lifting table also for Superflats. Automatically removes sheets with its mechanical grippers
StoreKeeper Smart App: Smart storage system for sheet handling and management
Do none of our storage systems meet your requirements? Contact us for individual solution concepts.

Unique selling propositions
  • the extremely high storage density saves valuable storage space
  • The storage levels can be plugged in, enabling quick adaptation to changing parcel and compartment heights.
  • Welded foot beams prevent later tilting of the shelf uprights
  • Due to the construction of the ground spars, there is no need for ground anchoring when setting up on interlocking paving stones, asphalt, etc., without impairing the tipping safety.
  • the special exclusivity of the system is the Drop&Push patent - the cassette flat does not have to be threaded with great skill into the free narrow compartment gap in a time-consuming manner, Instead, it can be placed collision-free in front of the front of the stored pallets with its frontal frame brackets on the extended upright support brackets and then pushed into its compartment >blind< with angle-on-angle guidance up to the stop on the abrasion-resistant galvanised guide brackets - for rough orientation, the entire height of the compartment is available between the extended insertion brackets when approaching - drive-in funnels provide additional facilitating centring, so that even if the pallet is tilted on the fork, safe, tilt-free insertion is guaranteed.
  • Only the welded frame construction of the uprights makes it possible, due to the lack of other stabilising elements, to do without the field bracing that would otherwise be necessary to stabilise the system, but which is undesirable especially in the front area - but also at the rear no damage can be caused to the otherwise usual field bracing by overlong forks - and the tower operation from the rear is thus also possible
  • The forklift shoes are left open at the bottom, as on a wooden pallet, so that the forks can enter at the greatest possible height, which makes it considerably easier to pick up the load carriers during retrieval, even when the forklift is in a tilted position (tubular shoes may be required for machine reasons, but these restrict the storage density and handling comfort accordingly).
  • the stud frame supports 150 t with 2-fold safety
  • the frame design of the cassette flats protects the sheet package on all 4 sides
  • The deep web design of the flatracks also allows the sheet packs to be stored using a load belt.
  • The all-round play in the cassette also accommodates sheets with oversize dimensions that occur in practice.
  • The strong support profiles of the flatracks are made of solid sectional steel and are permanently shock-resistant.
  • Paint damage to the flats is ruled out by an impact-resistant hot-dip galvanisation, which also enables outdoor use without any problems with a 30-year corrosion protection guarantee.
  • Various special applications are possible, e.g. skid design for roller conveyors, storage of non-depalletised sheet packs, universal insertion device for changing formats and pack overheights within a load carrier.
  • the forklift entry shoes are adapted to the tine spacing and tine width of the forklift fork
  • the patented depalletiser and cassette loader enables the procedure to be completed within 5 minutes
    - The PalEx is also excellently suited for stamping out for the all-round hand print.
  • Crane vacuum sheet removal technology can be integrated into the storage towers with little effort
  • Drawer and interchangeable pallet blocks can be easily inserted in the lower part of the towers.
  • also the extensive accessories such as very eye-catching LED compartment displays, chaotic RFID storage by means of transponder reader technology, barcode kits, magnetic number plates for fixed bin storage, warehouse management programme especially for sheet metal storage, coils, slit strip rings, bar material, but also for any other general cargo incl. ERP interface, etc. distinguish the universality of the system.

ShuttleTower® Outdoor

Highly engineered production without intelligently designed, integrated warehouse technology is no longer conceivable for modern companies.

However, this does not necessarily have to mean withholding valuable hall space from production in favour of storage facilities, if outside areas are also suitable for this in terms of material flow.

However, due to the regionally varying wind and snow loads, such facilities are subject to special care with regard to statics, functionality and weather-resistant detail design. Among other measures, the design of foundations, precisely executed roof and wall connections, permanently functioning gate systems, as well as rainwater disposal and corrosion-free surface treatment are particularly important.

 The requirements to be met for this are included in the sheet metal storage concept. ShuttleTower® already during the system development of storemaster® have been demonstrably involved.

Thus the  storemaster® - External warehouse ShuttleTower® outdoor is a welcome, economically particularly effective alternative for the user.

The automatic alternative

The new highlight in automatic sheet metal processing - finally for less money.

ingeniously simple | efficient | highly flexible | modular

Sheet metal storage automation with growth potential - successively expandable to up to 1,000 sheet metal types - with up to 10 machines - conventional sheet metal processing active in parallel.

Ideal also for the Pre-picking of sheets for continuous processing of machine follow-up orders without the continuous provision of whole sheet packs of changing sheet types.

The Starter Kit: production-integrated with 20 change places (10 temporary + 10 in buffer) from 150.000,00€ handed over ready for operation - any further storage space that can be integrated in the ShuttleTower® from 1.000,00€.

System accessories

In the following, you will find individual components by means of which this basic block can be extended...



Multifunctional transport trolley with central rotary axis
PalEx classic

PalEx classic

Multifunctional depalletiser and loader as well as unloading station (stacker) DBGM


superflat - patent lifting table - automatic sheet removal by means of machine gripper
StoreKeeper® Smart

StoreKeeper® Smart

Warehouse management for sheets, long goods and coils - simple and intuitive

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