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High quality used storage systems at interesting prices – even 20 year old systems still do their job today, just like on the first day.

Professional storage of sheet metal and long goods requires well thought-out solutions.

storemaster® has been designing, planning, constructing, manufacturing and assembling storage technology for customers in the metalworking industry for over 50 years. This includes sheet metal storage systems, coil storage systems, long goods storage systems, individual special solutions as well as the electrical and digital connection of the storage equipment to the overall process. When designing suitable storage systems, we always keep our clients’ entire intralogistics in mind. After all, clever warehouse technology supports day-to-day business and makes work in the warehouse both more efficient and more ergonomic. Our racks, towers, crane arms and other components meet the highest quality standards and come with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

In addition to customized solutions, storemaster® also brokers used storage technology and display items from our own production. These elements and storage systems meet the same high standards as specially-designed shelving systems. Their material, workmanship and the quality of the final product are in no way inferior to new designs. Even used systems are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty corresponding to the year of manufacture. We will be happy to provide you with expert advice on which components from our used range will suit your requirements. We will gladly offer you used storage technology from our range if it fulfills the required tasks. Otherwise, we are of course at your disposal for further consultation and design of individual solutions.

Here you have the possibility to have a look at our current offers for used warehouse technology. You are welcome to inquire about specific systems directly via the red button.

Our offers


Cassette tower storage for sheet metal stacks

If you are interested in this very well preserved and maintained used storage system, please click the red inquiry button.

ShuttleTower – Cassette tower storage for sheet metal stacks

Exhbit price: 25.000€ (double tower sheet metal storage)

base tower

17 sheet metal storage system cassettes

extension tower

17 sheet metal storage system cassettes

inner cassette dimensions

3.150 x 1.502 mm

usable height of cassettes 60 mm
load capacity of cassettes 2.000 kg
installation length 7.500 mm
installation depth 1.750 mm
installation height 2.800 mm
manufacture year 2020

Advantages of used warehouse technology

Especially when it comes to standard elements, it’s worth taking a look at our range of used warehouse technology. If you find the right components here, you can make a real bargain and protect the environment at the same time. Your advantages at a glance:

Sustainability. Second-hand warehouse technology saves the resources required for a new building. This protects the environment, saves energy and raw materials. The continued use of used storage systems is therefore a sensible measure of corporate sustainability.
Rapid availability. Already manufactured racking systems, pallet racks or storage towers are available with their specifications already completed. The dimensions and load capacities are fixed. If necessary, the manufacturer can retrofit the electrical equipment or WMS connection. In this way, the used warehouse equipment is immediately ready for use in the plant.

Favorable price. Although buyers of used warehouse technology may compromise on flexibility of dimensions and element selection, their favorable price has a major advantage. New construction of storage systems can come at a significant cost. At storemaster®, the design of storage technology is always done with the goal of a short

payback period. Selecting the right used warehouse equipment at a lower price will further shorten the payback period, if necessary – while maintaining the same quality standards as new designs.
Simply take a look at the available warehouse systems and display items online. Here we have listed the relevant details as well as technical data and specifications for you. If you are interested, we will of course be happy to arrange an appointment with you.

Disadvantages of used storage systems

Your operations are well thought out, tailored to your production and logistics, and unique. For this reason, used racking systems or other storage equipment are not always a good fit for an existing operation. Make the following considerations before you consider buying second-hand storage equipment:

What is the cost of customization to meet your needs? You may gain an advantage in price when buying used components. But how many man-hours will you need to devote to customization? Thoroughly investigate how well the used offering fits your needs. With an estimate, you can roughly estimate how much effort the effective commissioning will cost you. This knowledge will allow you to make a realistic comparison between a new purchase and a used purchase.

How much optimization is necessary and possible? A system that is not designed to fit your weights, dimensions, materials and working methods can certainly be optimized. It can rarely be made to fit perfectly. Therefore, consider whether the used system will be good enough even after adjustment and optimization.

What are your thoughts or plans for the future? Is your company planning a new system? Are you considering a complete changeover of your storage technology? In this case, it is often more worthwhile to dispense with makeshift solutions such as used equipment and to plan anew directly. Individually designed storage systems can meet your requirements to a far greater extent than used ones.

Optimizing your storage technology with storemaster®

storemaster® is the proven and experienced manufacturer of storage technology in the metalworking industry. Get a quote for a storage facility that fits your needs. Our engineers will take a close look at your operations and obtain detailed technical data before going to the drawing board.

After all, the design of your storage system should meet your needs and support your processes in the best possible way. Our coil storage, tower racking, and long and sheet metal storage solutions are designed to help you work more effectively and reduce your physical and time burden.

Our knowledgeable intralogistics and storage technology experts are available for a personal consultation – whether you want to talk to us about using used systems or get advice on planning a new one. Our range includes high-quality and professional storage solutions designed with decades of experience and comprehensive expertise.

We look forward to your inquiry.