What a pandemic has taught us


Whether you're a trade fair visitor or an exhibitor, then you know what it's like:
A chat over a coffee (a little product talk is allowed), "here's my V-card", "send me your catalogue", "come and see us".

Are we still in the Middle Ages
or already digital?

Trade fair organisers have been stealing time and money from us, from you, from all of us - for decades. That's over now!
A pandemic is smarter than all of us put together:
Only the use in practice and the exchange of experience with the operators in the factories can provide reliable statements about the true value of a product.

Two or three reference or factory visits by competent product experts, taking into account individual needs on site, cause only a fraction of the costs, time pressure, time commitment and the hassle of hotel bookings, stand bookings and stand design, horrendous costs for transport and monopoly-hungry trade fair forwarders, stand personnel, not to mention considerable CO2 emissions and so on and so forth... This should not have been necessary for a long time.
But now we understand and act accordingly.

The eternally outdated may remain outdated. If they are progressive, they are progressive all the way. After all, their products can no longer be compared to those of thirty years ago, can they?
Neither is ours!
But what has happened in terms of trade fair acquisition during this time? Apart from the fact that nothing has happened, not exactly a great deal.
So let's take a deep breath and rejoice: finally no more trade fair stress - thanks to the pandemic 😊

After 40 years of trade fair presence, the
The first ever year without a trade fair - 2020 - prompted a rethink.

With the reference to our web presence, the many references and our factory showroom, we let the high trade fair costs better benefit our product prices. This makes it easier for us to sell and enables our customers to buy more cost-effectively.

We hope you will understand that you will no longer be able to find us at any trade fairs that may be held in the future. However, we hope that you will continue to take us into consideration when placing your orders for high-quality and functional intralogistics products.

Your Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Karl Artur Paul
- Managing Director storemaster GmbH & Co. KG -